We are super excited to announce a collaboration that we've been working on for a while with Ali Edwards! I've been a big fan of her work for years, primarily the consistent and artful way she documents every day life. So what better person to design a bag where the purpose is to make it easy to bring your camera anywhere!

Ali's esthetic is a little different from mine, in the sense that I tend to like lots of pockets and details with a bit of a boho flair. She created something that was more sleek, with clean lines. And I absolutely love her addition to our collection! I think this is a classic bag that you could bring to the soccer field as easily as to an elegant dinner. And on a personal note, it was just a pleasure to hang out with Ali and her sweet "Right Hand" assistant, Katie. They are both easy-going and warm-hearted. And I'm not going to lie, I am jealous of Ali's impromptu speaking skills. She busted out that video in a few minutes flat with hardly any prep at all!

A couple more behind the scenes shots. We worked with Ryan and Katie from AO Films, and they were fantastic! If you're in the Eugene or Portland, OR area, I highly recommend them. And I think they travel too.

The Ali Edward bag comes in three different colors. You can see more info by visiting our site. And this week we're offering $20 OFF thru Friday with the code: ALI20! Happy shopping!


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